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5. Awdl-gywydd i Ddewi Sant

edited by Dafydd Johnston


This poem is preserved in a collection of Lewys Glyn Cothi’s poems in Llst 7, a manuscript of the first quarter of the sixteenth century. This part of Llst 7 is thought to be a copy of a manuscript in the hand of the poet himself (see GLGC xxx–xxxi). Lewys’s poems in Llst 7 were copied by John Davies, Mallwyd in BL Add 14871 in 1617, and BL Add 14963 is a copy of BL Add 14871 by Owain Myfyr.

The poem has no title in any of the manuscripts.

List of manuscripts
Llst 7, 55–6 (unknown hand, 1505 × c.1530)
BL Add 14871, 330v (John Davies, 1617)
BL Add 14963, 307r (Owen Jones ‘Owain Myfyr’, 1768 × 1799)